Elements - Prehearsals - 1978

by Paul Dengate

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Watch the video for Patio Suicide www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGqgscvHT48

Over the years at And Now For Something Completely different veggie restaurant I learned all the words and arrangements of most of the musicians songs (as well as some of the music).

The way I remember it - I had been playing late night drums with Paul for a while - my drum kit lived in the side of the stage and were used by people like Steve Hopes from Crossfire - and Paul asked if I would play with Ken to create a practice tape for his new drummer Dave who was coming from Melbourne.

Of course I jumped at the chance to be a part of it and to play with Ken too who is an amazing Bass player. So we covered my drum with Hessian to deaden them (which is why they sound so dead) and that way Dave could practice without my drums interfering too much.

I wasn't actually a drummer - I didn't play with anyone but myself and Paul really. It was just a fun thing because I'm not really a performer. But then Dave was delayed in Melbourne for 6 weeks and Paul was already booked at the restaurant to play as Elements so Paul asked me if I could fill-in for 6 weeks on a Saturday night!


I dyed my hair pine-lime green (to distract people from my pretty average drumming) and proceeded to go into massive stress every Saturday afternoon for a month and half.

It was the only time I ever played live in a band and I'm so glad I could do it. The stars of this recording are Paul and Ken and I'm mostly releasing this recording to remind people how insanely good all Paul's songs are. But the drumming is not too bad.

I was recorded on Ken's cassette deck and after nearly 40 years (yikes) it is amazing that the recordings still exist. I tweaked them a bit and sweetened it as best I could and some of the tracks still have the odd drop out or wobble.

There were two other tracks that were just too messed up - 'Needles All Were Broken' and 'Superhero' - if you want those as they are let me know and I can send them.

It's amazing putting it together and remembering those days - not many people know I was originally a drummer and some of these tracks really go off!

Note: The song 'Noddy Was A Fag' was written in the mid 70's before political correctness and before Noddy was banned - back in the same light as The Rocky Horror and (I think) the song is supposed to be a fun and playful comment on sexuality and racial divides. But it could just be a crazy excuse for a song. Either way no gay Golliwogs were harmed in the making of the song.


Cover photos:
Paul by Vivienne Kish​
Ken by Sally Collins​
Jay by Samantha Trenoweth​

All songs © Copyright Paul Dengate - Used by permission.


released August 21, 2016


tags: rock Sydney


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Paul Dengate Sydney, Australia

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